Earth Tea LLC

Our Philosophy

  • Tea For World Happiness.

  • People

    We respect all the farmers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers of tea.

  • earth

    We fully understand the importance of the Earth in making good tea, providing land, water, air and sunshine.

  • family

    We run our company like a big, happy family.

  • dream

    We never give up our personal dreams, enjoying our private lives as well as our jobs.

  • mission

    We keep having a sense of mission in life, being always honest, fair and socially responsible.

Our Activites

Seling organic tea to Japan and foreign countries market

Seling organic tea to Japan and foreign countries market. (JAS organic certification, USDA organic certification)
Product :Green tea, White tea, Oolong tea, Black tea, Jasmine tea etc.

organic certification

Republic of Malawi, Raw material development of Pu'er tea.

For Pu'er tea patented technology.

  • Japanese patent application No.5805724 "Production method of tea (2013-207789)”
  • Technology to make it easy to drink bitter tea (polyphenol-rich beverage) , and health tea.
  • The art of making black tea.
  • The art of making fermented tea does not smell bad mold.
  • Not to mix the bacteria, safe fermentation technology.

Development of blended tea and tea flavor of the original.

I proposal blend and original flavor tea that matches the concept and budget.
I will accept from a lot less about 10kg.

Support commercialization (tea bags and packages).

Will help you package commercialization 50g,100g bags.To inexpensive commercial tea bag from tetra feeling of luxury, I hear processing arrangements.

Imports and exports tea raw materials development from Japan and overseas production.

To match the quality and specifications to suit the needs and produce tea leaves raw materials in home and abroad.To container lot from bulk unit, I will support the import and export of tea leaves raw materials.

Ex: The export to overseas green tea raw materials produced in Japan.
The imports to Japan and instant tea (special order) tea raw materials overseas production.

Import and export of tea-related machinery, and local production guidance.

Used to machine from the new machine, you are presented with the machine information of tea-related domestic and foreign.

Ex: Exported to overseas tea-related machines made in Japan, and implement production guidance in the field.
Exported to tea machine foreign-made (Taiwan, China), and implement production guidance.
Farmers, Manufacturers:Provision of new raw materials and new products. Distributors, Retailers:Market, Brand names. EarthTea:Accumulate the know-how to market and advanced technology. And, provided to stakeholders. Consumers:Enjoy a good product of reliable quality. Maximize the value.

Our Vision

  1. To create new tea which would contribute to human health.
  2. To create new tea which would be more to manufacturers' benefit.
  3. To expand business that answers needs of the world and changes in the market.
  4. To introduce the world Japan's latest technology.
  5. To develop our original technology of manufacturing and cultivation technique, and introduce them to local producers for agricultural development.

Company Info

Company Name
3-17-1, Futabacho, Shizuoka Aoi-ku, Shizuoka Pref. 420-0041 Japan
June 11, 2007
Product planning and manufacturing of tea.Import and export of related machinery of tea leaves, The production guidance in local.


Established company.
Participating in JETRO development and import support project. (Republic of Malawi, Raw material development of Pu'er tea.)
Commercialization of Pu'er tea produced in Republic of Malawi.
File an application for process patent on Pu'er tea.
Patented Japanese patent application No.5414726 "Production method of tea (2011-076871)”.
Patented Japanese patent application No.5805724 "Production method of tea (2013-207789)”.