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We expand our business activities below into the future based on those earth tea philosophy above.

Ongoing projects

Participating in JETRO development and import support project
in developing countries in 2007

“Malawi Pu-erh Tea Project"
This is to experimentally develop new fermented tea in Malawi by applying the processing know-how of Pu-erh Tea in China.

African Fair 2008

Picks tea in fieldStaff in tea farmStaff in tea farm

Business Vision

business vision

Our Future Plans

  1. To create new tea which would contribute to human health.
  2. To create new tea which would be more to manufacturers' benefit.
  3. To expand business that answers needs of the world and changes in the market.
  4. To create new food culture of tea and cuisine closely combined.
  5. To introduce the world Japan's latest technology.
  6. To develop our original technology of manufacturing and cultivation technique, and introduce them to local producers for agricultural development.